Laptop Screen Replacement Video

Laptop Screen Replacement Video

Monday, February 6th, 2012

I made this video back in 2010 and was planning on selling a video series on how to repair laptops.  The video series has yet to be completed.  I plan to release the how video series here on Laptop Repair over the course of the next few weeks.

The videos details all the major issues with laptop repair and how you can go about fixing the issue.  99% of laptop repair issues are common and it is hoped that these videos will come in useful for someone trying to repair laptops for the first time.

I’ve listed all the things that I will be covering in the video series and will publish each individual video on this website.  I hope to package the videos up and sell them similar to the Podnutz video series however I hope to have a UK centric slant for where to source laptop parts if you are in the UK.

As mentioned I’ve only completed one of the videos – they have all be recorded though so will post them as I edit.  The first video is on how to replace a broken laptop screen.  Hope you find it useful and I would really like some feedback so please leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

Replacement Laptop Screen Dell Inspirion 1545

Scott’s Laptop Repair Videos

Keyboard Replacement

  • Why would you need to replace keyboard? Spilled, missing keys not working keys, dead keyboard
  • Get the right keyboard! UK (mention source parts video)
  • Common screw removal, common plastics and removal
  • Remove old keyboard
  • Replace with new keyboard
  • Test keyboard


Nuke and Pave

  • Why nuke and pave, meaning of name, controversy, customer disclaimer
  • Remove hard drive, backup data & drivers
  • Install OS, activate, restore data & drivers, test



Hard Drive Removal, backup and install new one

  • Access hard drive compartment
  • Remove drive, caddy and adapter
  • Explain difference between hard drives
  • Install new drive
  • Screen shots of non booting new drive
  • Mention nuke and pave video


Power jack repair

  • Explain common causes of power jack failure
  • Test charger
  • Source new power jack
  • Laptop disassemble
  • Board removal
  • De-solder old jack
  • Install new jack
  • Assemble laptop
  • Test laptop



RAM Upgrade

  • Access RAM on laptop
  • Show crucial upgrade tool
  • Source RAM
  • Install new RAM
  • Test new RAM


LCD Screen replacement

  • Discuss reasons for screen replacement
  • Disassemble screen assembly
  • Remove screen, discuss sourcing new screen
  • Install new screen
  • Assemble laptop
  • Test new screen (boot into windows and check resolution/brightness)


Virus removal

  • Discuss steps required, and options
  • Boot into safe mode
  • Disable startup items, run malbots, boot normal run again, test
  • Install AV product, windows updates


Optical drive swap out

  • Remove old drive
  • Remove facia
  • Install facia on new drive
  • Install new drive
  • Test drive


Motherboard swap out

  • Discuss options customer has (repair/replacement/trade in/budget dependant/data recovery)
  • Disassemble laptop
  • Remove heat sink, remove cpu
  • Install new motherboard on laptop and cpu, heat sink



cpu replacement

  • Discuss replacement/upgrade/un common process
  • Tear down laptop ( speed up)
  • Remove CPU
  • Source replacement
  • Install new CPU
  • Assemble laptop (speed video up)
  • Test new CPU using BIOS/health check temp


Over heating laptops

  • Discuss why this needs done (laptop turning off/going very slow)
  • Laptop tear down
  • Clean laptop process
  • Remove dust, clean heat sink, re-apply thermal paste
  • Assemble laptop
  • Test  with software tools GPU & CPU

Screw management

  • Discuss reasons for screw management
  • Options for screw management (blue tack or cardboard)
  • Process of screw management


Sourcing parts

  • List of suppliers
  • Source screens (check delivery times!)
  • Soure ram (always test ram)
  • Source hard drives (always buy new, stay away from cheap)
  • Source optical drive (refurbished drives)


Windows Upgrade

  • Discuss windows upgrade process and options (upgrade or clean install)
  • Discuss making the customer aware of the process
  • Data backup
  • Upgrade process
  • Activation
  • Restore data if required


System optimisation

  • Discuss: Why is it slow, usual causes, little ram, too much bloatware, hard drive fragments/running low on space/heat issues/ Discuss vista and why it’s bad for laptops


  • Bloatware

System processes, disable, uninstall items not used, disable startup, check task manager.

  • Hard Drive

Check space/Check event log/Perform bad block test/Defragment drive

  • Heat issues

Check CPU usage/test with speedfan/test in bios/test prime 95

  • RAM upgrade

Check amount of RAM/Check RAM usage/compare age of laptop with amount of RAM

  • Why to stay away from vista

Hard drive bottle neck issue/bad design/give the customer options



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