Remote Computer Support Services

Remote Computer Support Services

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Remote computer support is quite a new idea in the computer and laptop repair industry.  Many computer companies are now basing their whole business around serving customers remotely.

There are many advantages for a business owner to offer remote pc repair the become very obvious when operating under the remote computer repair model.

With advantages there are also disadvantages and some obstacles I’d like to look into with a bit more detail.

Firstly if you are offering remote computer support you can pretty much guarantee there is a cost saving attached to not having to travel to the company or persons place of work/home to fix their computer.  This is an great advantage to both the business and the customer.  No fuel to pay means lower bills all round.

Secondly there is the quick response time of remote pc repair.  Your client’s computer can be fixed by just calling the remote computer repair company and within minutes there will be a computer technician remotely connected to your PC/Desktop/Laptop/Tablet dealing with your IT support query.

Now these two point I’ve summarised above are advantages to remote computer support.  There are also some disadvantages to repairing a computer remotely.

Hardware failures to occur on in computer systems and these cannot be fixed remotely.  This can be a challenge for both the client and the computer repair company.  The client will have to pay a call out fee associated with the laptop/computer repair engineer coming onsite to swap out the faulty component.  The repair company will have to book time and a technician to go onsite and perform the swap out of existing faulty hardware.  There is also the possibility that the repair may require more than one visit.  the first to establish what computer part has went faulty.  This could be anything from

  • Broken Ipad screen
  • Faulty hard drive
  • Bad memory
  • Power blown on PSU
  • Liquid damage to keyboard
  • Intermittent fault

This of course is not an exhaustive list.  If you are lucky enough the remote computer support company will have experienced engineers that will be able to identify the hardware fault prior to visiting, but not in all cases.

The other disadvantage to remote pc repair services is virus and malware infections.  Usually when a computer virus takes hold on a system the internet is blocked or the bandwidth is used by the virus.  In this case the technician may not be able to connect to your computer to offer remote computer repair.  There are of course some easy ways round this problem like starting your computer up in safe mode with networking enabled.  Then launching the remote pc repair application.  This usually gets round the virus until such time that the Laptop/Computer technician has preformed all the necessary steps to clean your computer of the infection.

Remote Computer Support Applications

So you may be reading this article and run an IT support company well over the years we here have been offering all types of remote computer repair and have used many remote viewing applications to connect to client machines to offer IT support.  Here is a list of some of the software we’ve used with some feedback of our experiences.



Excellent application with easy to download client.  Has the added advantage that you can do a remote reboot into safe mode A++

Goto Assist:

This software was developed by the big corporate brand Citrix around their technology.  A little clunky to install however it does have the added benefit of “install as service” which works wonders if you are trying to perform admin tasks on domain workstation.

GFI Managment:

This is a jack of all and the remote assistance part of the suite is actually just team viewer.  Hats of to GFI though – great way to keep customers and easily connect to their machines via the GFI dashboard

Join ME:

Only just stared using this webapp.  Looks very slick and such a small client software package.  Nice looking website.


This is old school, used this back in the day prior to any of the above remote computer repair software services.  Can’t fault it but I believe the others above offer far more than what this does now.

Conclusion: All the above remote pc repair packages have good features.  I would now write anyone of them off.  They all have their little hickups but you are always going to get that when connecting via the internet to your customers.

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  1. admin says:

    Admin note – I will be updating this list of remote control software applications as newer ones come out

  2. June says:

    Great article, I’ve seen a lot of remote support tools in my time and this is a pretty good run down on remote computer services available in 2012. Totally agree with he VNC stuff!

  3. Fred F Game says:

    Another shout out to team viewer can;t go wrong with this app. Best bit is the remote reboot- works great with virus removal.

  4. admin says:

    Remote Computer Support Services are quite a big industry now – be aware though that there are a lot of bigger companies now outsourcing this work to call centres in the far east.

  5. Jock M Sporn says:

    Used to use VNC Ultra – was great for spying on what the kids were getting up to :)

  6. James D says:

    Remote Computer Support Services – great set of apps you have listed for this IT solution thanks.

  7. Spencer Bann says:

    A well written post! I’m using this app at the moment too. VNC back in the days was amazing, but i guess it’s not as great as remote computer support services.