The best way to get to the top of google.

The best way to get to the top of google.

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Seek and destroy!

Are you trying to reach the top place in google for your local area? Most business owners google their business name. That’s not what you should be trying to rank. You should be trying to rank your customer’s search phrases.

“Laptop repair in city”
“Computer repair technician in city”
“Mac repair specialist”

This list is endless a great tool to see what people are searching is Google’s keyword tool. Make sure when you use this that you specify exact match criteria this will give you the numbers you are looking for and sort the results by local search. Check out the image below for more insight into this.

Make your website drunk.

This is my term for “social marketing” you see it’s such a boring phrase. Ohh you must get facebook profile twitter yad yad yad. To tell you the truth this can work but I just don’t have the time and I’m guessing 99% of you reading this don’t either. The easiest way to get your business/website drunk on social marketing is by following the steps in this video.

Google places is not gay

Okay so you got your keyword(s) now what? Sign up to a google places listing and optimise that listing for your keywords. This has to be the easiest method on how to rank in google. There is a great article here on how to optimise your google placing listing so it’s above your competitors.

Blog damm you blog!

Now your business might be as boring as washing machine repair but you have to start a blog. This will drive longtail search traffic to your site. What is long tail? Customers typing in crazy phrases like

“Where is the cheapest place to get my laptop fixed in the UK?”
“How to remove dust from my laptop fans”
“Will Bill Gates give me some of his money?”

Of course the list is endless but a blog helps capture a lot of the long tails that your competitors simply won’t be doing. This means you will be top. Remember kids keep it local and use your town/city in name in the blogs articles to.

Guest blogging = links

Links are still king when it comes to ranking in google. The more you have of them the better. However quantity does not mean quality, watch this one. You will get more traffic from a semi relevant website than you would by just blasting your website to anywhere you can find a link.
We are starting a guest blogging spot on this website so if you’ve got a head for this niche and need a great link back to your business get in touch.

Of course this website aint gonna be for everyone, that why you have to search down relevant sites and ask the webmasters/bloggers/business owners if you can guest blog on their site and get a free link back. This works wonders. They get fresh content and you get that all important link.

I’m trying an example of this with a long tail keyword on another site I have: sites like wonga if I can rank for this site and this keyword I’ll be a happy man for a few minutes today!


  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for this article, helpful stuff for us small business owners!

  2. Nick says:

    Nice succinct article on Google. I’d still say that great content in the most important but the blogging and Google places also helps greatly.

  3. quickly says:

    Love the tips in this article. SEO is almost dead but not yet!

  4. matt.shawbl says:

    Quickly – SEO will never be dead! It will just adapt to get the best of the results.

    Other easy wins can be found by using social media, the most recent algorithm changes within Google have meant that an online presence within social media is becoming paramount. As customer engagement is Key!!